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Since the 1990s, researchers from the Polish school of urban morphology have published in Urban Morphology (Koter, Kulesza 1999; 2010) and participated in conferences organised by ISUF (Birmingham 1997, Florence 1999).

The Polish Network of Urban Morphology (ISUFPOLSKA, Polish Network of Urban Morphology), continuing the traditions of the Lodz school of morphology, has been developing in an organised way since 2016. Its task is primarily to promote and develop research on the morphology of urban and rural settlements. It also helps to disseminate research results locally and internationally, as well as between disciplines. Its members - geographers and architects - conduct individual research related to Urban Morphology.

On 25 April 2018, the first meeting of PNUM - Polish Network of Urban Morphology, entitled: Between Theory and Practice of Urban Morphology, was held at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Lodz. Representatives of foreign and national centres spoke at the seminar: Prof. Jernej Zupančič from the University of Ljubljana, Prof. Agata Kantarek from the Cracow University of Technology, Prof. Ivor Samuels from the University of Birmigham, Prof. Artur Zaguła and Dr. Anna Tomczak from the Technical University of Lodz. The main organiser of the meeting on behalf of the Faculty of Geographical Sciences of the University of Lodz, was Dr Tomasz Figlus and on behalf of the Institute of Architecture of the Technical University of Lodz - Prof. Małgorzata Hanzl. Prof. Marek Koter, doyen of the Łódź morphological school, was also present among the seminar participants.

Polish Network of Urban Morphology seminar 25 April 2018.
At the Faculty of Geographical Sciences of the University of Lodz. Photo M. Hanzl

The next step to formalise the activities of a group of Polish settlement morphologists from different centres, were the ISUF conferences in Valencia, Spain, on 25-27 September 2017 and in Nicosia, Cyprus, on 3-6 July 2019. These conferences were an opportunity to integrate the community of researchers representing different scientific centres in the country, as well as to exchange experiences and views on the functioning of morphological research in the national and international context. At the ISUF conference in Nicosia, the team consisting of Anna Agata Kantarek, PhD, Małgorzata Hanzl, PhD, Ł. Musiaka, PhD, and T. Figlus, PhD, received legitimacy to organise the 29th International Seminar on Urban Forms in 2022 in Łódź and Kraków, which is an excellent distinction for the Polish research community of settlement morphology.

ISUF conference in Valencia in 2017 and ISUF conference in Nicosia in 2019.
The moment of awarding the organisation of ISUF 2022 to Łódź and Kraków. Photo by R. Szmytkie, Ł. Musiaka

On 15.11.2019, in the building of Collegium Geographicum in Łódź, the activities of a group of Polish researchers in the morphology of urban and rural settlements were formalised, which resulted in the establishment of the Polish branch of the world organisation ISUF - International Seminar on Urban Forms. The organisation has functioned since 1994. ISUF has national networks that bring together researchers from many research disciplines (geography, architecture and urban planning, spatial planners, etc.) working on the spatial development of settlement forms, their morphology and morphogenesis. The President of the newly established ISUF POLAND group is dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Agata Kantarek, prof. of the Polish State University of Science and Technology, and vice-chairperson, dr hab. inż. arch. The members of the Council are T. Figlus, Ph.D., Robert Szmytkie, Ph. Monika Adamska from the Opole University of Technology. The founders of the organisation were also Prof. Dr. M. Sobczyński, Dr. M. Deptuła (ISUF member), Dr. Mariusz Lamprecht and Ms. A. Majewska.

Founding of ISUF Poland on 15.11.2019 at the Faculty of Geographical Sciences, University of Lodz. Photo by Ł. Musiaka

Currently, ISUF Poland is focused on organising the 29th International Seminar on Urban Forms in 2022 in Lodz and Krakow.