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5th ISUF Italy International Conference, Rome, 19-22.02.2020

On February 19-22, 2020, the fifth international conference of ISUFItaly was held in Rome. It was organized by the Italian network of urban morphology (ISUFItaly) with its president is Prof. Giuseppe Strappa.

The subject of the meeting was defined as Urban Substrata & City Regeneration. Morphological legacies and design tools.

The meeting took place in the beautiful scenery of Palazzo Mattei di Giove, which is the seat of the Center for American Studies (Centro Studi Americani). The 17th century palace, built by Carlo Maderno as one of several palaces of the once powerful Mattei family, has an arcaded courtyard, many beautiful representative rooms and frescoes by Pietro da Cortona.

The first plenary session was related to the implementation of the EPUM program - Emerging Perspectives in Urban Morphology ( This research project funded by the European Union aims to integrate different research methods into urban morphology through education and using information technology.

In this session (Teaching Innovation in Urban Morphology) Małgorzata Hanzl (Assoc. Prof., DSc, PhD, Eng,. Arch.) gave the presentation of The Architecture if the City. Teaching Urban Morphology in Lodz University of Technology.

Parallel sessions were grouped around three main themes - Urban Form Theories, Urban Form Reading and Urban Form Design.

In the session devoted to urban morphology in the historical context Anna Agata Kantarek (Prof. DSc, PhD, Eng. Arch.) made the presentation Fringe Belts by transect. The case of Krakow. Searching for Fringe Belts of Krakow (prepared with Maciej Motak, Prof. DSc, PhD, Eng., Arch).

In the session entitled Urban renewal and social issues, the paper entitled Urban form versus health of citizens. Case study of Lodz downtown rehabilitation was presented by Małgorzata Hanzl (Assoc. Prof., DSc, PhD, Eng., Arch.).

Another speech by Polish researchers was presented in the session on new trends in the interpretation of the urban form. Ilona Morawska (MSc) from the Krakow Institute of Cities and Regions presented the work of the team: Jacek Gądecki, Ilona Morawska, Karolina Anielska and Łukasz Afeltowicz, entitled Changes in urban fabric. A cause and a result of an innovation district?

A separate plenary session was devoted to the promotion of books and magazines related to the subject of urban morphology. They were - the journal of the Italian urban morphology network U+D urban form and design - International Journal of Urban Morphology and Design, the book London Square by Marco Maretto and the collective monograph Observation on Urban Growth edited by prof. Giuseppe Strappa.

A special plenary session entitled In Memory of Masters was dedicated to the memories of the recently deceased professors Gian Luigi Maffei and Antonio Monestiroli.

Prof. Gian Luigi Maffei is one of the founders of the Italian school of urban morphology. Together with Gian Luigi Caniggia, he is the author of the classic works on the morphology and typology of architectural and urban forms - Lettura dell'edilizia di base and Lettura dell'edilizia Speciale.

Prof. Antonio Monestiroli was a professor at the Venice School of Architecture (Universita Iuav di Venezia) and a practicing architect. His long-term cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture of the Cracow University of Technology resulted in the award of an honorary doctorate from the Cracow University of Technology in 2011. In 2009, the Polish edition of the Professor's book entitled Tryglif i metopa. Nine lectures on architecture was published.

dr hab. inż. arch. Anna Agata Kantarek, prof. PK
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