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  1. Designation
    The name of the group is: ISUFPOLSKA - Polska Sieć Morfologii Urbanistycznej
    ISUFPOLAND - Polish Network of Urban Morphology
  2. Objectives
      The objectives of the group are:
    1. to promote and develop the research of urban (settlement) form,
      and the dissemination of research findings, internationally
      and between disciplines
    2. the establishment and development of a research network in the field of urban morphology, through the organization of meetings and conferences, through the publication and through the preparation of joint applications for national and international funding,
    3. the maintaining of a relationship with the International Seminar on Urban Form (ISUF), through the collaboration on ISUF initiatives of research, debate and promotion of urban morphology, as local ISUF network,
    4. to develop links with other organizations concerned with the built environment.
  3. Membership
    Membership of the group is open to individual researchers and determined on the basis of a declaration (Appendix 1)
  4. Group organization
    1. There is a Council of the group with the following membership:
      • a President,
      • a Vice-President,
      • members of the Council (up to five persons).
      The Council serves a three-year term of office.
      The Council should meet once a year.
      The Council is elected by the members of the group, and the President and the Vice-President by the Council from the Council members.
      The first term of the office (2019-2021) is as follows:
      • Anna Agata Kantarek - the President
      • Małgorzata Hanzl - the Vice-President
      • Monika Adamska - the Council Member
      • Tomasz Figlus - the Council Member
      • Łukasz Musiaka - the Council Member
      • Robert Szmytkie - the Council Member
  5. Constitution
    The Council shall have authority to amend the Statute upon the proposal of the majority.